Saturday, March 26, 2011

SkyBlue Cafe Brunch East Nashville

Sunday Brunch Nashville

Breakfast / Brunch
Hours: 7 days a week 8am to 3pm
700 Fatherland
East Nashville TN 37206
Bus Route - Map

SkyBlue is small and cozy and has a nice warm local feel.  They have plenty of children's books and coloring books for kids if you wanted to bring some with you.  The food is good and has a nice blend of traditional meals and some that are more adventurous.

Coffee Bar.  No alcohol.

Meals Reviewed:
Eggs Benedict - The eggs were perfectly poached, the English muffins were toasted and had just enough crunch along with being soft, I substituted regular bacon for Canadian bacon and it was also perfectly cooked.  I didn't really care for their Hollandaise sauce, it was more like a Hollandaise pudding.  It was extremely thick but it did taste good.

Coffee - Their "bold" roast was delicious and it was served in tall mug you would get at home which added to the cozy atmosphere.

The service was very good and everyone there has a good attitude.

Price / Value:
Not the cheapest but not most expensive.  Good value for the quality.

Pros: Great food.  Local feel and cozy. Kid friendly.

Cons: Since it is small you might have trouble getting a table if your party is large and they are busy. 2 to 4 people shouldn't be a problem.


A great place to order brunch off the menu and has a very cozy cafe atmosphere.

Check out a PDF of their menu here:

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